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Don't expect press releases

Postby ScutFarkus » Mon Feb 22, 2010 6:07 pm

chrishasms wrote:I gotta agree with Ozark. Just because no one has done a press release doesn't mean they are not looking at it. In fact my doc actually did mention he wasn't to impressed with press release medicine lol.

Exactly. I believe it's considered poor form (and even a bit suspicious) to communicate via a press release prior to publishing in a peer-reviewed journal.

Regarding grant applications, all the people I know who do research are continually looking for funding, so I'd bet the MS medical community is no different. Say what you want about "big pharma", but there's still plenty of competition for too-few research dollars. My own neurologist ran out of funding for his (non-CCSVI) research last year, and was hoping to get a new grant this year to continue.

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