Dr. Zamboni words of caution on stents.

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Re: Follow-Up Question

Postby Richardk » Thu Mar 18, 2010 3:27 pm

CathyRabbit wrote:Not sure I'm posting on the right thread, but I was wondering - if you go to Poland for the treatment, are you supposed to go back for a check-up to make sure things haven't closed up again? If so, what is tge time lapse - ie. one month later?

I had angio on azygous and RJug veins in Feb with Dr Simka....they recommended a followup in 6 months time...as my improvements are not clearly discernible, I likely will return to Poland for a checkup just to confirm the veins have not reverted to their original condition. It would be much more helpful if I could I have it done locally, and under medical insurance, but that is not likely available here in Vancouver for some time.
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Postby Zeureka » Thu Mar 18, 2010 3:58 pm

Nunzio wrote:Hi Bluesky,
I partially agree with you. If you have a well known condition then you should see your local doctor. CCSVI is a new condition and most doctor never heard of it. I talked to the vascular surgeon of my hospital and explained to him the detail of the condition. He knew Dr. Dake and told me he was going to look into it. When I talked with him again he brushed the subject off.
My advise then is get tested with doppler and MRI/MRV in the place closest to you familiar with CCSVI testing and if CCSVI is detected see a doctor that has done a good number of procedures for a venogram and possible treatment. In my case I would only do balloon venoplasty because I am concerned about the long term effect of stents but of course this depends on your personal situation.

My "local try" failed today...or lets say, the doctor just did not know, exactly as you say, Nunzio. He could not find anything in the doppler as did not know the Zamboni protocol - and it's a larger hospital even not too far from Ferrara... seems the planned Zamboni doppler training of hospitals across Italy takes a bit longer, before it will come around my place.

Fortunately I had dopper pics from my venous valve stenosis already from Ferrara, otherwise the Dr would not have believed me. I'm only left with my parallel local list now, a bit further away at the Ferrara University clinic...but the list is loooong. And Zamboni's team obviously soooo (tooo) busy...how can they treat 1200 people on the list if they get so little support from other Docs to help out around?! :roll:
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