What happens after CCSVI treatment?

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What happens after CCSVI treatment?

Postby Rosegirl » Wed Mar 10, 2010 2:32 pm

MSers all over the world are screaming to get tested and treated for CCSVI. But I haven't seen much reported about patient improvements. Where are the reports from post-surgical patients? There are a few on this site, but even those are usually incomplete.

Surely the doctors are following up on this and some preliminary data is available. Zamboni said in a TV interview that the process reverses the symptoms of MS in newly diagonosed patients (note that he didn't call it a "cure"). But how many "newly diagnosed" folks are we talking about?

And what about those who have SPMS or PPMS? Where is the information from them?

This is certainly an on-going issue since post-op recovery may continue for months as patients regain function and muscle strength.

And what symptoms respond best/first? What about ON? How about bladder issues? Or pain or problems swallowing? And for the folks who no longer need a wheelchair, how long did that take?

Like so many of you, I'm anxious to be tested, but I'd sure like more detailed information before I sign up to be tested/treated.
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Postby esta » Wed Mar 10, 2010 2:42 pm

try reading the sticky "tracking project"
its not all the people who have been liberated, but its a start. then open up posts of people who have been liberated in poland. that should keep you feeling more than positive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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