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Postby costumenastional » Thu Mar 18, 2010 7:10 am

I was just interviewed by a Portogueze reporter. He came in Greece for a story concerning the mess we are in economicaly, and i told him about my personal story. After all, he asked for it. It felt quite comfortable on camera. Funny that i dont really care about anything after i got sick...

MS dx, losing my well paying job, losing my life and all and now having further cuts in our salaries. We talked about these kind of things.

Anyway, when finished i took the chance and talked to him off camera about CCSVI and how his channel could make a good story out of it. He asked me to write down the name of the treatment and told me that he will pass the info to the reporter who is into medical stuff for sure. I insisted and told him that he would be surprised with the impact CCSVI has already made wordwide.

Whatever we can do...
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