A Plea for a class action to treat CCSVI

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A Plea for a class action to treat CCSVI

Postby gabbycats » Sat Apr 03, 2010 11:27 am

Class Action World
First register at this site http://classactionworld.com/forum/profi ... =1&start=0

Then sign in and go to http://classactionworld.com/forum/viewt ... =2949#2949 and tell your story.

My string is CCSVI let's keep it all together in one string. I think it would call more attention to our plea. Tell your stories and let the attorneys decided how to sort it out and go about this. We must get the message across that we are being discriminated against due to a pre-existing condition! That is going to be the key here, I believe!

I've just sent a request to Dr. Scalafini in Brooklyn, any of you know the email address to a doctor who is on board let them know we need expert testimony and forward the above links to them.

Just to clarify, I cannot start a class action, it is up to the law firm to decide that. This is why you all must repost this and go to the classactionworld.com and join then find my string CCSVI and put a reply of your story. The more complaints about the same thing the more attention it will recieve from the law firm. Please don't wait, just do it now! :!:
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