"I worry that the money is so great," he said, tha

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"I worry that the money is so great," he said, tha

Postby bohemianbill » Sat Apr 03, 2010 11:36 am

"I worry that the money is so great," he said, that dealing with the Department of Justice may be "just of a cost of doing business."

http://www.cnn.com/2010/HEALTH/04/02/pf ... l?hpt=Sbin

Folks, please read the above article From CNN HEALTH & please review the comments attached.

I have added one of my original posts for review. (see end of thread)

We must focus the fight on the Ethics of major Corporations of the world and Government.

I feel it has come to the point were the worlds miscreants have united. They feed off each other using todays modern technology to circumvent the laws of the land. The Gray area, the area thats reserved for Ethical behavior, is it good for the Society and Mankind my neighbor, my Church?

Somewhere along the road THEY have lost the meaning of a Responsible Corporate Neighbor.

I call it the Lee Iacoca Syndrome, remember back to the late 70's Chrysler was struggeling, on the edge of bankruptcy! Well dear old Lee convienced the Government of the day, USA and Canada that in order to survive they would have to loan them a great deal of money (which they paid back and ahead of time), the Unions of the day had to make major concessions, my point being the Dye/Template had been cast.

Never before had Government cleaned up after a company failed to be productive,. Chrysler's should have been allowed to FAIL. (I say that even having worked there during these times).

Lee went on to destroy the Responsible Corporate Neighbor ethical values of the Chrysler Corporation and focused on one thing MONEY. After all it was there promise to the people to never ask the tax payers for a hand out again! Remember we applauded everything Lee went on to do, immortalized him and his way of thinking and his Corporate stewardship. To new upcoming generations of Harvard graduated corporate leaders Lee's ideology was studied and applauded throughout North America. Lee's coup has lead every other NA Corporation to follow in his path, if Chrysler's can discard the Societal Ethical mandate in the name of MONEY than not only should we but we have to in order to survive. We stood back and applauded them ALL.

His first step was to eliminate the Parts Division of the Chrysler Corporation. (100% of parts in a North American car were made in North America) The ripple effect of that decision has devisitated the North American manufacturing sector (millions of good paying jobs have been shipped overseas). Now if you work in the industry the saying goes 'made all over the world and assembled in NA'

North American companies went overseas in droves to find cheap labour, they helped set up the China manufacturing machine and we all applauded them in doing it. Free, open markets- Right?. North American Free trade was the straw that broke our back it has led to the death and selling off our manufacturing sector. The might of the USA its people were sold off piece by piece all for one thing MONEY.

My point to this analogy is that the American Government lowered the Ethical Bar in the name of Money for corporate, shareholder, wallstreet, governmental miscreants of the World.

Big Pharma, Big Finance, Big Government all have lost there Ethical way and they will do anything for MONEY.

The article basically states that Pfizer has too much MONEY, they designed there Corporate Structure and Ethical standards for one purpose MONEY. They do not care who gets hurt or killed its all about MONEY PERIOD.

The Feds (thats the peoples last line of defense The Law) are now on record stating that yes we know they did it, we know they killed people, destroyed families. Its just these guys are so shrewd, so knowledgeable on the gray side of ethics and the law the best we can do is fine them. Billions of dollars (sounds like a lot but its all factored into there unethical business plan), no body goes to JAIL. They have no social ETHICS!

MS is Big Money, CCSVI is a threat to the loss of BIG MONEY. Our people that suffer from MS are being systematically discriminated against (no testing) why? I think you can answer that one:)

This Easter Sunday our hearts and prayers must be for those afflicted with MS.

Our loved ones, family and friends, that no longer have a voice. We Must become their Voice. This Sunday pray to God and ask him for strength and guidance. If CCSVI is ever going to see the light of day (mainstream)
it will only be by the Grace of God.

God knows nobody else is going to help us! Why? because there is NO MONEY in it.

My opinion and my opinion alone

Enough of my Easter ramble.

On behalf of my beautiful wife Laurie, We would like to thank all of you that are fighting this fight. Walking in the MS Walks on behalf of CCSVI, educating your neighbors, co workers, We need to do all the small things to win this. Its not an option.


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Posted: Sun Dec 06, 2009 9:56 pm Post subject: Finding cures is not even remotely a consideration by pharma
I have been refered to as Angry, Impatient, Activist & sometimes all three at once.

Folks we all need to be the above. This is not going to happen unless WE demand it. I am a realist, do some research, they tried to shut down Dr Zamboni's research in Italy, fortunatley he had gone far enough that empirically
he was able to prove out his hypothesis.

Has anybody heard one thing about CCSVI from the mainstream american media, hell no.
their media is bought & paid for, thank god Canada CTV W5 still has a journalistic integrity that cannot be bought. Please folks this is not going to happen without a FIGHT. Our only voice are OUR Societies, they have to represent US. Insist on nothing less. Read the following article/link

http://vactruth.com/2009/12/05/big-phar ... ime-spree/

BIG PHARMA’S CRIME SPREE is a riveting report by David Evans in the current issue of Bloomberg Markets Magazine relying on recent criminal legal settlements. It leaves no doubt about the fact that Big Pharma’s business practices are defined by criminal activities. Finding cures is not even remotely a consideration by pharmaceutical executives, as it would present a financial conflict of interest.

There you have it folks, "finding cures is not even remotely a consideration by pharamceutical executives"

Do any of you for a micro second think that Big Pharma is going to embrace CCSVI research, they will do everything in their power to derail this research

-keep the heat to the feet-

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Postby bohemianbill » Sun Apr 04, 2010 1:31 pm

This was my BUMP
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Postby WeWillBeatMS » Sun Apr 04, 2010 2:43 pm

I did not read the CNN article because I get shingles from Constant Negative News but I read your post and agree and think that you will want to print this comic out and put it on your fridge too. I love it. This came from FlashHack in the thread "Not So Funny":

http://imgsrv.gocomics.com/dim/?fh=68a5 ... fcb6003069
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Feds found Pfizer too big to nail

Postby Ruthless67 » Tue Apr 06, 2010 10:49 am

"Feds found Pfizer too big to nail! ""
posted at CNN Health, dated April 2, 2010 - So this is NEW News!!

If you haven’t read this article that bohemian bill posted, you need to! I find it relevant to the fight that is now starting. As it clearly shows the power of unlimited profits and the operating money behind Big Pharma.

I usually start my day with a nice cup of tea and enjoy sipping my tea as I read about pioneers and their exciting improvements. Ie: Magoo’s wonderful post, Today is a reward, 5 1/2 months post surgery, but then I pull up this next post For anyone scheduled with Dr. Sclafani... and nearly choke on my tea, damn near sent tea spurting across the room.

Here are some of the highlights from the article:

Pfizer, the world's largest pharmaceutical company, was caught illegally marketing Bextra, a painkiller that was taken off the market in 2005 because of safety concerns.

But when it came to prosecuting Pfizer for its fraudulent marketing, the pharmaceutical giant had a trump card: Just as the giant banks on Wall Street were deemed too big to fail, Pfizer was considered too big to nail.

But beyond the fanfare, a CNN Special Investigation found another story, one that officials downplayed when they declared victory. It's a story about the power major pharmaceutical companies have even when they break the laws intended to protect patients.

When the criminal case was announced last fall, federal officials touted their prosecution as a model for tough, effective enforcement. "It sends a clear message" to the pharmaceutical industry, said Kevin Perkins, assistant director of the FBI's Criminal Investigative Division.

In all, Pfizer lost the equivalent of three months' profit.
And it maintained its ability to do business with the federal government.

According to Lewis Morris, chief counsel to the inspector general at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, "They pushed the envelope so far past any reasonable interpretation of the law that it's simply outrageous."

"I worry that the money is so great," he said, that dealing with the Department of Justice may be "just of a cost of doing business."

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Postby Ruthless67 » Tue Apr 06, 2010 11:44 am

And for those who prefer crib notes, here are the highlights from the second article bohemianbill has linked to above, BIG PHARMA’S CRIME SPREE.

BIG PHARMA’S CRIME SPREE is a riveting report by David Evans in the current issue of Bloomberg Markets Magazine relying on recent criminal legal settlements.

It leaves no doubt about the fact that Big Pharma’s business practices are defined by criminal activities. Finding cures is not even remotely a consideration by pharmaceutical executives, as it would present a financial conflict of interest.

The widespread off-label promotion of drugs for untested, unapproved uses is a manifestation of a health-care system that is dysfunctional as it is costly. Americans are paying exorbitant prices for drugs that put their lives at increased risk of death. Indeed, a conservative estimate by the Institute of Medicine (2000) is 106,000 preventable deaths from non-error adverse prescription drug effects.

Bloomberg documents how companies such as Pfizer and Eli Lilly–each has been prosecuted repeatedly for the same crimes–are, if anything, emboldened as repeat offenders–ignoring FDA admonitions, as well as promises made to the Department of Justice not to break the law.

But those fines are tiny compared to the revenues from criminally marketed sales:
Eli Lilly Zyprexa sales from criminal marketing yielded the company $36 billion from 2000 to 2008.
And Pfizer’s recent $2.3 billion settlement in fines and penalties for the illegal marketing of Bextra, Geodon, Zyvox and Lyrica pales in comparison to the $16.8 billion the company garnered from its criminal marketing of these drugs. Indeed, the total penalties Pfizer has paid in settlements–$2.75 billion, since 2004–is but 1% of the company’s revenue of $245 billion from 2004 to 2008.

Despite the fact that in five company-sponsored clinical trials, 31 people out of 1,184 participants died after taking Zyprexa for dementia—twice the death rate for those taking a placebo–Lilly aggressively marketed the drug for off-label use in children and the elderly.

“As prosecutors continue to uncover patterns of deceit in off-label marketing by pharmaceutical companies, millions of patients across the nation remain in the dark.”
Doctors have become pill pushers who blindly prescribe the latest, most expensive medications based on deceptive marketing by drug company salesmen.

The result is documented in hundreds of thousands of preventable drug-induced deaths, and unsustainable healthcare expenditure. What’s especially disturbing is that nowhere in the proposed healthcare reform bills are life-threatening crimes by pharmaceutical companies in collusion with doctors who abuse their medical prescribing licenses even addressed.

Respectfully once again,
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More Lies for Profit

Postby Ruthless67 » Tue Apr 06, 2010 1:05 pm

If these two articles from bohemian bill have started your head spinning, then watch the Food Inc. documentary on PBS, April 14th then look into what Monsanto has been doing over the last decade or so. That should really get you spinning like a top!

Then to ramp it up to hurricane spinning look into the link between Genetically Modified foods and disease, especially Morgellons.

Soy, Corn, Wheat, Cotton, Sugar Beets, Candy, Breakfast Cereal – What You NEED to Know - dated September 14, 2008, Evelyn Vincent

Evelyn Vincent said, “I honestly cannot believe that ‘if” people knew what Monsanto and other large corporations have been doing that they would continue to buy food, or any product, that has been ‘Genetically Engineered’”.

These products should come with warnings, just like big pharma advertises their drugs: eating this food or using this product may cause breast cancer, prostrate cancer, cause you to drop dead of a heart failure at 16 years of age, cause your daughters to begin puberty at the tender age of 6, will absolutely cause the PCB levels in your body to elevate into the thousands (the acceptable world limit is 2 PPB), will cover the entire earth and waterways with high levels of PCB’s, will kill fish, frogs/toad’s, will kill our pollinators such as Honey Bee’s and butterflies, will cause you to have long-term illnesses that will cost you more money than you have for meds.

Morgellons: Biotechnology Gone Awry or Simple Psychosis?

The findings of Vitaly Citovsky, a plant biologist whose lab showed that Agrobacterium, bacteria that utilizes horizontal gene transfers to cause tumors in plants and is a key factor in genetic engineering, could transform organisms by transfer of DNA, including human cells. He was contacted by the MRF to investigate the potential presence of the Agrobacterium in Morgellons patient's biopsies. His control included healthy donor samples as well as those from the patients. Only those with Morgellons tested positive. He put out a statement on his involvement in the research in which he says that these findings do not prove that Agrobacterium causes Morgellons nor that it is in fact, an infectious disease; only that the results indicate the need for further research.
Transgenic crops and horizontal gene transfer have been seriously debated topics with the emergence of more and more genetically engineered food. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, Director of the Institute of Science in Society, has studied this in depth, and has made frequent representations to the government on the topic. Her concerns are over the spread of transgenic DNA. Due to DNA being present in all environments, and the fact that cells can take up free DNA, it is not just the cross pollination of crops that is worrisome, but the transfer to unrelated species as well.
She also states that "horizontal gene transfer is one of the most serious, if not the most serious hazard of transgenic technology". She has been bringing this to regulator's attention since 1996, when she says there was "already sufficient evidence to suggest that transgenic DNA in GM crops and products can spread by being taken up directly by viruses and bacteria as well as plant and animal cells". 7. Ho, Dr. Mae-Wan . "Recent Evidence Confirms Risks of Horizontal Gene Transfer". Institute of Science in Society. April 3, 2008 (http://www.i-sis.org.uk/FSAopenmeeting.php). What is a main transfer source for this DNA? Agrobacterium tumefaciens, the same bacteria as those found in the Morgellons patients.

When I personally e-mailed Vitaly Citovsky, on On Mar 19, 2010, this is the reply I received,

“We are no longer researching Morgellons. Sorry, I do not think you can find any reliable info easily.”
Vitaly Citovsky
Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology
State University of New York
Stony Brook, NY 11794-5215
Tel.: 631.632.9534
Fax: 631.632.8575
E-mail: vitaly.citovsky@stonybrook.edu

And in a later clarification article Vitaly stated that, The link between Morgellons And GM foods should be investigated further. But that funding for further research is currently non-existent at this time.

So we are not only being lied to and poisoned by the pharmaceutical companies, but our food sources are poisoning us as well. So is it any wonder we are finding Congenital Malformation??????????????

This is my warped and round about way of linking CCSVI and auto-immune diseases into all this madness. This is my personal morning rant. I am now exposed and vulnerable, to pop shots, but geeze, I get so aggravated when I feel I’m being deceived or taken advantage of or manipulated without my knowing it. That's one of the reasons I now no longer inject myself with Avonex!!! I believe for me, it's suicidal to compromise my ammune system!!!!!!!!

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