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Postby Rose2 » Tue Apr 06, 2010 7:35 pm

Our local county fairgrounds have great fireworks every July 4th. Everyone in town drives to some location close or close by to view the show. One year there was a punk with a gun in the arcade area and there were gunshots.
SO, to take care of that, the insurance company for the county fair prohibitted the fair from fireworks for years. The liabilty was in their lap.
The 4th of July fireworks are back now but it took years.
Of course the fireworks and a punk with a gun had nothing in common.
Maybe the fair was more crowded (or well attended) that day, but one does not cause the other.
The town and county were punished for years because of a punk with a gun and a stupid insurance company that decided how to 'cure the problem'.
Sounds familiar doesn't it? Perhaps the Insurance companies for the schools or institutions are playing a larger role in the shut down of so many programs that seemed about to launch?
This type of information is impossible for us to know, I THINK?
Just thinking. Something I can do now since CCSVI.
Praying for everyone to be MS FREE. Sincerely, Rose ;)
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