Letter to Robert Lizak of Wayne State

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Postby belsadie » Sat Apr 17, 2010 7:59 am

I have just read Dr. Lisak's list of credentials and honors and rewards and his 'interests". All I could think of was how difficult it must be for someone who has spent his entire professional life going down one avenue to suddenly have to switch gears and buy into a completely different route... MS is more than an "interest' to his patients[ that's US!]. We can't turn out the lights and go home at the end of the day, having the option to shut off the thoughts of the day. We live with the reality of the subjects of his research.
The germ theory threw a monkey wrench into the accepted practice of medicine at one time.
Antiseptics......Vaccines...Surgery inside the uterus...etc., etc.,etc.,etc., how ridiculous!
Yes Doctor, there are alternate possibilities to those ideas you hold as doctrine.
When a physician sneers or outright laughs at you when you want to discuss a new treatment....confidence is not the primary emotion I feel, believe me.
I am exceptionally impressed with the contributions of the members of this forum. Ignoring MS'ers is out of the question! [/i]
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