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CCSVI in Kuwait

Postby Jackal » Mon Apr 19, 2010 2:29 am

Hi guys,

I have been browsing your posts for a while now since i have been diagnosed with RRMS in November of last year. currently in London and have the same story of my Neurologist not even knowing or wanting to hear about CCSVI, which is very frustrating and makes me question which interests are they putting first, their's or ours!! Anyway i know there are many clinics now springing up all around the world claiming to offer the Liberation procedure.

Kuwait has recently done something amazing for us CCSVI believers. i am pasting the article from one of their newspapers a few days ago.

Kuwait approves MS bypass surgeries for research purposes

Health 4/8/2010 8:58:00 PM

KUWAIT, April 8 (KUNA) -- The committee on morality of the medical profession approved conducting bypass surgeries for multiple sclerosis (MS) patients for research purposes, the Ministry of Health said on Thursday.
A surgery of this kind could be conducted through inserting a catheter into a vein of the neck to enlarge it and facilitate the blood circulation, chairman of the standing committee for coordination of medical researches at the ministry, Dr. Youssof Al-Nesf, said.
"The move which came in response to a presentation made at the meeting of the committee by Dr. Tarek Senan aims to ensure the safety of patients and protect the rights of researchers," Al-Nesf told KUNA after the meeting.
"The presentation meets the legal, moral and scientific criterions specified by concerned organizations including the World Health Organization (WHO)," he affirmed.
Under the decision of the committee, the researchers are asked to inform beforehand the patients of the medical checks, surgical procedures, the benefits, and the possible risks and complications of the surgeries the patient are supposed undergo. "No measures should be done without the knowledge and a written consent of patients in line with the internationally-recognized protocol of medical treatment," Al-Nesf underscored.
The MS bypass surgery was devised by Prof Paolo Zamboni, an Italian vascular surgeon, as an experimental treatment similar to angioplasty in order to enlarge the blocked veins. Prof Zamboni gained international praise after his study, published a study in 2009, proved to be highly successful in reducing MS symptoms.
However, some experts have expressed concern that the surgery may cause clots in the brain although people with MS are exposed to gradual destruction of their nerves or at least weakness and inability to walk.

Now i went a step further and found Dr. Tariq Sinan's website and contacted him directly. He is the Radiologist performing the Liberation procedure there and below is my correspondence with him.

[i]Yes I do perform the liberation treatment. In Kuwait we are only allowed to do it for Kuwaitis but I also do the procedure in Alexandria, Egypt for foreigners First weekend of every month.
Your condition seems suitable for the procedure, If we diagnose CCSVI with doppler US of the neck veins.
The Cost is 5000 $ and perhaps another 1000 $ for balloons and Hospital.
Hope this is to your satisfaction.
Best regards,
Dr. Tariq Sinan

Now i have asked around about him through some people i know in that region and friendly doctors in that region,they have confirmed his credentials. There is also a website for him.

I would really like some feedback from anyone if they have heard of him or have had any contact with him. This thread can also be used for any idea you guys might have about this. I mean this is a breakthrough, the Government is actually financing this for their own citizens!! they don't even pay taxes and we pay an arm and a leg yet our governments are still not on board with CCSVI !!
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Re: CCSVI in Kuwait

Postby kitminden » Sun Dec 23, 2012 7:25 am

This woman had the procedure with Dr. Sinan in Alexandria, Egypt ... =endscreen
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