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Postby zinamaria » Fri Apr 23, 2010 8:52 am

Sounds like we're talking about the 'ideal' and the 'reality'. I would like to believe that every single doctor, no matter the field became a doctor to help as many human beings as possible stop suffering; that a 'cure' or a chance to find a 'cure' would be at the heart of every single doctor's practice, that hope for one...or why even get started, why even begin that 'vocation' at all?
That would be the 'ideal'.

Then the reality check: are those doctors really invested in seeing less suffering? Or have they, like so many, gotten comfortable even in their own idealistic minds (like when they started out) and are now disillusioned and overwhelmed, so why not just do the 'same old' and stick to the what they know?

Why does someone keep smoking cigarettes when they are known to kill? It is not easy to stick with our ideals in the face of crushing realities.

I agree that this is mainly an issue of control. And those of us with MS also want control, we are right now fighting to take back what we feel we have lost control of, namely our own health. So how not to get caught in a power struggle and find ways to keep working together? I think Cheer has her finger on that pulse.
Let's stick with the research and keep our cool, in the end, the facts will surface. I think it's great that someone started a thread to announce how he/she has finally gained perspective.
That is a key, I think to harmony, perspective. As a painter, it is absolutly vital.

Just thought I would add my 3cents...
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