Results of those tested

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Results of those tested

Postby Moom9335 » Tue Apr 27, 2010 2:14 pm

Just a thought....
I think it would be of great benefit and add clarity to exactly how Dr. Scalafani's patients have responded after their procedure if he could somehow do a follow-up questionaire and whatever other test(s) he would deem valuable after a designated length of time. Of course, I realize he has treated them for CCSVI, not MS. Then, report the results on his thread, if possible.

Presently, it is really hard to follow the threads with some patients reporting and some not. And, to really know if the procedure has helped or not. And, if the CCSVI was found/ corrected in all ,some or none. His numbers, at least, would be hard fact. Any plans for such a report, Dr. Sclafani? Or, will this be a published paper ? 8)

And, continued thanks for your support and efforts.
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