oprah-get her attention? attn:cheerleader

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oprah-get her attention? attn:cheerleader

Postby blossom » Sat May 15, 2010 11:51 pm

here goes. oprah is the show that all walks of life watch. i am not computer savey. can anyone tell me if this can be done. someone like cheerleader ( like you can do this in your spare time) or others with organizational skill could maybe put this together if they don't think it will work no problem. some people have tried to get the word to oprah and others including myself. we've gotten no response. what if oprah's website contact was listed on this site and other sites like ccsvi facebook,patients like me etc. along with what to send her with a designated day and perhaps a designated time span-even everyday at a certain time for 3 days or a week all of us send her the same e-mail about ccsvi BUT WILL ALL BE INDIVIDUALS (FANS) i would not want to attempt to write it up but there are others who have that kind of know how to make sure it is factual etc. and can organize this effort. we have people from all over the world and people know oprah before they know some of the world leaders. i have no idea how many people are on the sites but i'm sure there are enough that if we could pull something like this off it should get their attention. we have people like rose 2 , cheerleader and her husband jeff and others that are living testimony to results,doctors that would probably do it and plenty of people that need help it would make a very interesting show that is if we can somehow get her attention. OPRAH DOES NOT LIKE DISCRIMINATION IN ANY FORM AND DISCRIMINATION IS A HOT TOPIC ON ANY NEWS---WE ARE DEFINITELY BEING DISCRIMINATED AGAINST!!! actually, if it was set up right time wise why couldn't other popular shows be contacted the sameway. be nice to see their e-mails just flooded. hope i'm explaining it the way i mean it. anyway WAIT IS WHAT BROKE THE WAGON DOWN AND NOTHING VENTURED NOTHING GAINED. sorry cheerleader, but i feel you are well versed along with others too and a nay or yea from you i feel commands respect i have very thick skin.
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Postby Vhoenecke » Sun May 16, 2010 8:09 am

Oprah has been contacted many times. She gets her advice from Dr. Oz who is also known as Dr Pharma.
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Postby Rose2 » Sun May 16, 2010 3:34 pm

Thank you for the insight. I watch Dr. Oz and find it factual if not a bit repetitive and simple sometimes, but wondered why he hasn't mentioned it since he wants to appear cutting edge.
As for The Doctors show I just figured that one already.
BUT, they are going to have to acknowledge us pretty soon. We can't give up the effort to get their attentions!
Good Blossom!
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