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Postby ven » Fri Jun 04, 2010 1:34 am

hey all hope ur doin fine..
i did the ccsvi and i wish to know about ldn what u guys thing????????
tks for now
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Postby sofia » Fri Jun 04, 2010 3:45 am

Hello ven :-)

How are you doing now?
I had constant improvments after operation, upuntil a week ago. I've got optic nerve problems on my eye, headaches, and my vertigo is back.
Just got off phone with Tokuda hospital now, and they will fit me in for a scan at sometime this coming week, they will email exact time later on this afternoon.
Grodzinsky think it might be something else that triggered my symptoms coming back as my results were very very good. But they can not know for sure before they do another scan. I can travel whenever I told them so it is now all down to them.
It's almost as if I hope I have restenosed as then they can just go in and fix it again. But at same time I hope its not my veines beeing difficult as then it might be harder to fix them if they are the problem.
I got a taste of a better life, and I am eager to get it back. Was a great couple of weeks, I must say :-)
Hope you are doing all right, and that you are improving. Was nice seeing you there :-) Off to see my gp this afternoon, so better get myself ready.
<div>I have lived with ms for 8 years. The last year has been hell, I've gone from shite to even worse every single month, until my liberation in May. </div>
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