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CCSVI and Professor Swank ?

A forum to discuss Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis.

CCSVI and Professor Swank ?

Postby NZer1 » Sat Jun 05, 2010 1:16 pm

Dr. Jelinek comments on Professor Swank's book.
http://www.takingcontrolofmultiplescler ... icleID=117
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Postby skincoll » Sat Jun 05, 2010 1:26 pm

Thanks for this info. Of course sat fats in junk food are really bad for you, but what about in organic nuts, seeds, flaxseed oil, avocados etc.? Are there such things as good saturated fats, or should they all be strictly limited/avioded? Anyone know?
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Postby cheerleader » Sat Jun 05, 2010 2:49 pm

I realize Dr. Jelinek has posted information on Swank and CCSVI on his site--linking the two, and although there is much common ground between Dr. Swank's research and what Dr. Zamboni has discovered, they are not the same by any means. I've corresponded with Dr. Jelinek regarding the endothelial program and how saturated animal fats raise c-reative protein in the blood and increase inflammation. But a high fat diet does not create venous malformations or CCSVI.

This post has been on the Facebook page...yes, Dr. Swank was on the right trail, but his research is not what Dr. Zamboni discovered in's my response from FB.

Dr. Swank believed that micro particles of saturated fat were closing off cerebral veins (kind of like arterial disease) He had the right idea, but wrong mechanism...Dr. Zamboni found the problem in the veins outside the head...not fat particles, but actual congenital venous malformations. Just like Dr. Jelinek, It was Dr. Swank's diet that got me going-looking into the vascular system:

The actual quote on page 82, chapter nine is this,
"It has been stated that the anoxia, ischemia, and passive congestion, the result of ligation of veins draining the brain, do not alter the blood brain barrier unless they are associated with necrosis of tissues or physical damage to the brain or its blood vessels. Of particular interest is the disturbance of permeability after embolization."

It was the emboli (fat particles) that would be Dr. Swank's focus. He was right....saturated fat creates endothelial disfunction, which raises inflammation, CrP levels and creates vasoconstriction. And the Swank Diet/Jelinek program/Best Bet Diet/Endothelial Heath Program will definitely help pwMS maintain remission.

What Dr. Zamboni found was that there is reflux creating tissue damage to the gray matter of the brain- caused by a congenital malformation of the jugular and azygos veins. Dr. Swank couldn't see that, since he did not have SWI MRI to see the iron deposed in brain tissue, or doppler ultrasound to see the reversal of blood flow.

A lower fat diet will certainly help. Jeff was on the Swank Diet for 2 years. But it didn't open up his venous malformation. Only angioplasty could do that.
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Postby L » Sat Jun 05, 2010 3:35 pm

skincoll wrote:Thanks for this info. Of course sat fats in junk food are really bad for you, but what about in organic nuts, seeds, flaxseed oil, avocados etc.? Are there such things as good saturated fats, or should they all be strictly limited/avioded? Anyone know?

I seem to do OK with nuts. Saturated fat in cream, chocolate cake, stuff like that, seems to hit me quite hard the next day (I am pretty much a vegan though, so I don't eat such trhings so often, maybe at weddings, Christmas and so on), but I don't ever eat junk food per se..
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Postby Brainteaser » Sat Jun 05, 2010 7:28 pm

I agree Cheer - diet may be some of the problem for some people. But as Prof Thompson found in my case, muscle or tissue from outside my RIJV was forcing my vein to close.

It's a bit like building a house, a business or a relationship. First and foremost we need the IRs and VSs to get things structurally right with our venous system just as one might with these other forms of human endeavour. Only after that, will the diet, supplements, exercise truly kick in to have any real effect.

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