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Port Perry Imaging Centre

Postby jackiejay » Thu Jun 10, 2010 5:43 am

just wondering if anyone has had testing here..it's in Ontario, close to Toronto....do they seem well trained on the protocol? etc.....
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Postby Shueywho » Thu Jun 10, 2010 7:05 am

My partner had her scan done there. It came back sort of negative. The interpretation section says, "Change in the cross sectional area of the internal jugular veins from supine to upright slightly less than what would be expected for a normal patient and appears to be in the equivocal range. The significance of this equivocal finding in isolation is of unclear significance based on preliminary information on the hemodynamics of this entity now available in the literature."

It also had a note at the bottom stating that Transcranial Doppler to evaluate the flow characteristics in the deep cerebral veins not available at this time. When I asked her gp about this part, he said it wasn't part of Zamboni's theory, so don't worry about that. Is this true? I couldn't argue his point at that time, but I thought it was of significance. Anyway, gp said it was all good. But I find the above quote to be saying there is something, but what, we don't know the significance yet.

I really liked the people there. Very nice and really no wait, but I can't say that they are doing Zamboni's protocol, I've wondered that myself. I wish I could get someone other that her gp to tell me the details of this.
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