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Postby lilsis » Wed Jun 16, 2010 5:48 pm

Hi Everyone,

We have spoken with Human Rights Advocates, Lawyers, Doctors, and Specialists. We have compiled numerous published and peer reviewed medical research articles, papers, and case histories, many at our own expense. Over 60 MS patients have submitted their personal experiences as testament to suffering discrimination.

We are not blazing forward blindly or acting without caution and would never think of submitting the claim without absolute confidence that we have done all we possibly can to prepare and present a thorough and comprehensive argument.

This is not just our case. This is your case, and never for a moment do we forget that we bear the burden of responsibility in this very serious matter.

As such, we cannot give a concrete date of submission, as new information arrives daily, and to submit because of some predetermined deadline would be irresponsible. That said, this is a time sensitive issue, and the sooner we submit, the sooner the possibility of affirmative action on the part of those denying testing and treatment for the venous malformations that contribute to CCSVI.

Technically, we have up to 6 months past the date of the last offense to submit the claim. But we feel waiting until November would be a grave disservice to you. We will wait to hear what comes of the meeting in Toronto in early July but still ask that anyone who wishes to include their experience in the BC Human Rights claim notify us by the end of June to allow time to make any necessary changes or additions to their story.

You do not have to choose one over the other, you can be part of the Human Rights claim and the proposed legal action, and you can withdraw from either or both at any time.

Once we submit the claim, we will be notified in 4-6 weeks if the claim has been accepted by the Tribunal. Word of acceptance has the potential to be very powerful in enacting change. The lawsuit will not enact change until the proceedings are completed, which could be more than a year from now, but has the potential for greater monetary gain.

It is unfortunate that some claimants have lost confidence in what we are doing. We on the other hand, have greater confidence with each passing day.

As stated previously, if you are interested in including your personal story for the Human Rights claim, please submit your story as soon as possible to the following email address: MS-HRTBC@HOTMAIL.COM. Any questions or concerns can also be directed to this address.

Thank you for your support and words of encouragement, they have kept us going in this monumental fight.

In Solidarity,
Jenna, Gwen, and Bev
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