900,000€ for CCSVI study

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900,000€ for CCSVI study

Postby Algis » Sat Jun 19, 2010 8:46 am

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Postby ikulo » Sat Jun 19, 2010 10:14 am

translated on google translate:

HEALTH: MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS, 900 thousand euros for Epidemiological Studies

(ASCA) - Roma, 19 June - At a meeting in Bologna in recent days, members of the Scientific Committee of the IMF, Italian Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, created ad hoc Ccsvi (Cerebro-Spinal Chronic venous insufficiency), kicked off the first multi-center epidemiological study, the more 'extensive run to date, an effort to identify the association between Ccsvi and multiple sclerosis.

The project, which includes an appropriation of 900 000 euros, 'funded by the Italian Multiple Sclerosis (AISM) and its Foundation.

The meeting was attended among others Mario Alberto Battaglia, president of the IMF, Gianluigi Mancardi, University 'of Genoa and President of the Scientific Committee AISM, Giancarlo Comi, University' San Raffaele in Milan, Marco Salvetti University 'La Sapienza, Paolo Zamboni, head of Vascular Disease Center of the University 'of Ferrara has begun the research and Dr. Fabrizio Salvi, Medical Unit' Neurology of Bellaria Hospital in Bologna, which has teamed Zamboni in its investigation.

The Committee, which coordinates the study, including experts neurologists, Sonology, vascular surgeons and biostatisticians.

The study promoted dall'Aism, whose recruitment will start 'in October, will involve' some 1,500 people with multiple sclerosis than in healthy controls and other neurological and will see 'the participation of neurological centers that have appropriate medical experts in performing the screening with the doppler.

Therefore, before September, you will be trained and promoted by IMF update for Sonology Doppler techniques hitherto used in diagnosing Ccsvi, led by Professor Zamboni Sonology with two other experts, Dr. John Malferrari ( Arciospedale S. Maria Nuova, Reggio Emilia) and Dr. Massimo Del Sette, (Division Neurology, Hospital S.

Andrea - La Spezia). The first training session being held these days at the center of Dr. Doppler Malferrari in Reggio Emilia.

But not only. The Italian Multiple Sclerosis Society - as more 'times announced - following a special program for funding of studies on Ccsvi. On July 14 AISM, along with its Foundation, will convene 'the Scientific Committee to conclude the assessment on research projects and scholarships on CCSVI and SM presented by Italian researchers through the annual call IMF expired on 8 March.
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