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NMSS web seminar

Postby Cece » Thu Jun 24, 2010 1:59 pm

NMSS is having a webcast, “What’s new in MS research and treatment," on June 30th. It'll be covering CCSVI research, oral drugs, and neuroprotection, among other things. You can register and submit a question here: http://nationalmssociety.org/news/news-detail/index.aspx?nid=3330

I submitted a question, first telling them that my doctor, Dr. Salvatore Sclafani, had a proposal for a 200 person safety study turned down by irb this week. I told them that one of the reasons given by the irb was that the NMSS had recommended against patients getting this procedure. I think a safety study would be just the sort of research the NMSS would want to support. I asked if they were opposed to safety studies. I asked what would they say to Dr. Sclafani's irb if they had a chance. Then I thanked them.

I am really mad at the NMSS.
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