Important Info. for those Getting CCSVI in Mumbai

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Important Info. for those Getting CCSVI in Mumbai

Postby Deena » Thu Jul 01, 2010 7:17 am

Upon Manoj's recommendations in his thread, I called Kokilaben Ambani hospital in Mumbai India and actually had the good fortune to speak directly with Dr. Someshwar, who would perform the CCSVI procedure.

He had the following to say. I thought it was very useful information for those considering CCSVI in Mumbai.

1. King Edward Memorial Hospital is a place I've seen listed on a lot of MS sites as a Mumbai location for CCSVI. Dr. Someshwar said he used to work there, and he said one might find it difficult there due to hygiene, cleanliness, and toileting issues. He treaded more lightly than I'm doing right now, but the message I got is that if you're desparate for the procedure, go there, but if you're very concerned with cleanliness and hygiene, don't. It's a government run hospital for low-income people (sad that the poor don't get clean hospitals, I know!!!)

2. His hospital is currently not approved to do the procedure. They're trying to push through the paperwork and hopefully in 8 weeks, this hospital will be an option. Dr. Someshwar sounded like a nice and reasonable guy on the phone at least.

3. His guess was that the procedure would cost 300K to 400K in rupees. I just did a currency conversion and that's 6,500-8,500 dollars. I would imagine this includes the meds but I don't really know.

Hope this is useful to someone!

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Postby ozarkcanoer » Thu Jul 01, 2010 9:05 am

I would be very cautious about choosing to go to any other country for CCSVI treatment. I am a HUGE supporter of CSVI research and treatment by local (i.e in your own country) IRs and hospitals and universities with established reputations. Joan found Dr Dake, bestadmom found Dr Sclafani and there have been other excellent doctors who have been found in the USA and Canada and Europe, etc etc to perform the treatment. Remember you will need local follow up treatment. Remember you may restenose. Please be very careful !!!

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