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Postby sbr487 » Thu Jul 08, 2010 6:45 am

cheerleader wrote:
sbr487 wrote:The immune system is also activated in stroke and dementia, and white matter lesions and oligoclonal banding are seen in neurovascular diseases that are created by hypoxic/ischemic insult or plasmic deposition in brain tissue. Why did doctors assume that MS is autoimmune? Stroke isn't autoimmune....maybe "autoimmune" just means we have no idea why.

A clarifiacation - when you say immune system is activated, I would assume BBB is compromised (probably a natural response) in the above cases too.

This also brings up another point made by a neuro (was it in NYT?) that MS culprit is some gene (that regulates immune system, I must add). That would still not explain BBB compromise.
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Postby cheerleader » Thu Jul 08, 2010 6:59 am

yes-In stroke there is a transient loss of BBB ... 27/11/2069

Here's a study utilizing copy number variations which found a link in CCSVI/MS and venous malformations:

The CNVs contained in the HLA locus region (chromosome 6p21.32) in patients with the novel phenotype of CCSVI/VM and MS were mapped in detail, demonstrating a significant correlation between the number of known CNVs found in the HLA region and the number of CCSVI-VMs identified in patients. Pathway analysis revealed common routes of interaction of several of the genes involved in angiogenesis and immunity contained within this region. ... -final.pdf

the idea in CCSVI is that venous reflux and hypoperfusion created by stenosis in the extracranial veins leads to a break in the BBB and deposition of plasmic particles into brain tissue-
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