Treatment in Mexico

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Treatment in Mexico

Postby welshman » Sun Jul 11, 2010 4:04 pm

Hi everyone, I thought I'd read somewhere on "TiMS" about treatment in Mexico, but the only subject over the last 4 / 5 months related to the Sanoviv Institute which did indeed appear to be somewhere looking to make a quick buck by trying to sell a whole lot more than CCSVI treatment !!!!
The last couple of days I've picked up a couple of places from FB postings -
1) Clinic of the Heart, Los Cabos, an Amerimed Hospital where they have completed a 10 patient "pilot" trial which they say was very positive and
have a few testimonials to go along with their claims. The FB posting that I picked up on was for a Vancouver BC couple heading out there today (That's Sunday in my time zone) to get treatment for the wife.
2) Hospital Angeles Tijuana from an on-line wellness site - "Wellsphere" which has a M.S. Community section with a blog June 10 from "the Health Traveller" which gives some truly encouraging info on this Treatment Centre.

I have e-mailed both locations, #1 costs $850 for imaging and $9,750 for treatment, following Zamboni Protocols, #2 not heard yet.

Does anyone on TiMS know anything about either location or have anything to add for / against these two Clinics ?

I look forward to any input which will be greatly appreciated as has been my education of all things MS and CCSVI from everyone over the last several months of "belonging" to this Site. Thank you all.
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Postby oreo » Sun Jul 11, 2010 4:59 pm

Based on everything I have ever heard about Mexican medicine the only things I would go to Mexico for are tequila and sunburn. BTW, I live in an agricultural area which uses a lot of mexican migrant labour. They make a lot of use of our after-hour no-appointment-required clinics. Not for farming realted injuries either - for that they go to emergency. There is no question they really like our health care system.
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Postby tipsyturtle » Sun Jul 11, 2010 8:48 pm

treatment now is also available at Sanoviv Medical Institute (
I have no idea how/what kind of experience they have- but I can say that this is an amazing place. I have been there twice.
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Postby dodgeviper » Mon Jul 12, 2010 8:13 am

I actually live in Mexico much of the time to save money after my second attack hit. I am a US citizen and will keep my savings to pay for testing and possible treatment in the US or Europe.

The quality spectrum for Mexican medical care is wider than you, as a Canadian, are accustomed to. In Mexico you will encounter well trained, experienced doctors just as in the US and Canada; but you also have a much wider (and hence lower) quality range of doctors and clinics.

I actually get dental work done less expensively in Mexico, but I know the dentist and her training and the results are great.

As for medical treatment that requires Ultra Sound Doppler and specific protocols for use of magnetic resonance imaging (the MRV test) to specifically test for CCSVI, I would not immediately accept any clinic's claims.
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