Vertebral Vein Stenosis

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Vertebral Vein Stenosis

Postby baarhaus » Mon Jul 12, 2010 8:12 pm

I had a venogram today. The doc found no stenosis in the jugulars, he did not test the azygos vein, but found my left lateral vertebral vein outflow 100% blocked. He attempted to clear it through my neck, but was unsuccessful. He said he will contact Zamboni. I have a follow up appt. in 2 weeks. I can't help but think maybe my jugulars do have stenosis, he just didn't find it? Since I have mostly brain related symptoms, he didn't want to test the azygos. Too delicate and tough to find. This doc is an IR/VS and I was his first CCSVI patient. I have had RRMS for 11 years. I hope Dr. Sclafani can shed some light on this topic?
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