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Postby kirch86 » Wed Aug 04, 2010 11:12 pm

I find myself getting really worked up over these misinformed articles. My local newspaper ran an edited version of the latimes story in the paper. This was the first reference that I have seen in my local paper on ccsvi. I am not worried about the medical community disregarding ccsiv based on these studdies. What really gets me going is thinking about the not so internet-savy people with ms reading this for the first time and completely dismissing the ccsvi theory or basing their opnion of ccsvi off of the article. Where as if these local papers run a more balanced article regarding ccsvi it may generate interest for people grasping for straws to deal with their ms. When I discuss ccsvi with people for the first time I try to state the good with the bad, risks with the rewards, successes with the failures so people can form their own opnion. It is a personal decision to decide wether or not to persue treatment. My wife was diagnosed with ms at the begining of the year. I am 100% on board with ccsvi, my wife on the other hand is interested, yet wants to wait for more studdies. I try to make sure she is up to date on the info and informed on how it all works. In the end it is her decision and all I can do is try to support her. It just kills me to think of people reading these articles for the first time hearing about ccsvi. Makes me sick to my stomach. Poor journalism. What a shame!!!
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