AFA formation in Canada

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AFA formation in Canada

Postby frijkaard » Wed Aug 11, 2010 2:20 pm

Angioplasty For All (AFA) is an organization of Canadians who have disabilities stemming from Central Nervous System (CNS) damage. The traditional diagnosis is Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

AFA not only includes MS patients, but also their families, friends and anyone touched by the consequences of MS.

When properly investigated by qualified medical imaging specialists, MS patients are almost always found to have vascular disorders. In simple terms, these are constrictions in veins draining off the Central Nervous System. This results in blood not flowing properly from the brain.

More importantly, treatment of these constricted veins with angioplasty has stopped the progression of MS symptoms in many patients and dramatically relieved them in others. The evidence favouring the efficacy of angioplasty treatment for MS patients grows daily and has become overwhelming.

Currently, the medical diagnosis of MS means a person has been unable to receive angioplasty treatment in Canada.

AFA has one goal and that is to find a way to make vascular angioplasty to clear constricted veins treatment widely available to patients who have been diagnosed with MS.

While there is much to be said for the conservative approach to the application of new ideas in medicine, angioplasty is not new and is already available to all Canadians except those who have been given the diagnosis of MS.

We want to take a proactive approach. We don’t want to sit back passively while patients continue to decline. We feel that each patient should have the right to consult with a vascular surgeon or interventional radiologist, choose his or her own treatment and be able to receive it on a timely basis.

We are here to stand up for that right and we ask you to join us.

We ask you to support AFA

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Angioplasty for all

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