Curiouser and curiouser - anyone have CCSVI w VA or implants

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Curiouser and curiouser - anyone have CCSVI w VA or implants

Postby Gandrewl1981 » Tue Aug 17, 2010 8:09 pm

Hi again. I posted recently about seeing Dr. Dake. Someone was so kind as to bring to my attention that my venous angioma in my head may or may not complicate matters. I was curious if anyone knows of someone who has had ccsvi or undergone the liberation procedure and had a VA? I read on another forum (ms world) someone who had their va discovered during the liberation treatment, so I assume so.

I also have cosmetic (porex) implants in my jaw and chin (put in 12/04) before my symptoms started. I emailed my cosmetic surgeon asking him if implants could cause vein stenosis. Anyone have any knowledge about this?
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Postby bluesky63 » Wed Aug 18, 2010 5:50 am

Hi there. :-) Congrats on getting your issues tested and going forward with looking for treatment. Dr. Dake is one of the best doctors out there.

I have a venous angioma, and a number of other people who have been found to have CCSVI also have venous angiomas. To me, it makes sense that people who are prone to congenital venous abnormalities could have them in more than one part of the venous system. (I also have something going on in one of the sinuses.) This is one of the great areas of learning that I hope will come out of studying CCSVI -- how are we similar, how are we different, what works, what needs improvement, etc.

Mine is in my frontal lobes and is not something that was addressed during my angioplasty procedure since that was limited to the veins in the neck and below -- it was not addressing tangled up veins inside my actual brain. :-)

I don't think the VA would complicate any angioplasty, but on its own it can cause symptoms. Dr. Dake could discuss that with you. Everyone's issues are completely individual. I have talked to my own doctors about which of my symptoms probably come from the VA, etc.

Best of everything to you! :-)
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Postby Johnson » Wed Aug 18, 2010 8:42 pm

VA discovered in first MRI in 1993. I was asked about head injuries. No head injuries.

A second VA showed up in March 2010 MRI. Was not there before. No head injuries.

I am not convinced that they are congenital, or caused by head trauma. My 2nd one is spontaneous.
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