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Postby blossom » Wed Aug 18, 2010 9:04 pm

anyone know if kuwait has put out any info. on their liberated patients recoveries?
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Re: kuwait

Postby NHE » Thu Aug 19, 2010 2:48 am

blossom wrote:anyone know if kuwait has put out any info. on their liberated patients recoveries?

There's some data here...

Control group N=100 patient without MS

Kuwaiti: non Kuwaiti % ···· 48:52
Male: female % ··············· 25:75
Age min-max ·················· 23-57
mean ±SD ······················ 39.7±7.8
Positive Duplex ··············· 7%
Normal Duplex ················ 93%

Study group N=100 patient with MS

Started colour Doppler screening of neck veins as protocol of Prof. Zamboni

Kuwaiti: non Kuwaiti % ··· 100
Male: female % ·············· 48:52
Age min-max ················· 22-57
Positive Duplex ·············· 87%
Positive MRV ·················· 96%

All successful Angioplasty with satisfactory post balloon dilatation
No complications
All patients reported improvement ( 1 month) :
Improvement or disappearance of Numbness
Loss of Fatigue and increased energy
Improvement of power (foot drop)
Improvement visual acuity (No blurred vision)
Reduced electrical sensation
Memory improvement

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