Post with no blood thinner rut ro

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Post with no blood thinner rut ro

Postby kc » Fri Aug 20, 2010 1:28 pm

I am 6 wks post and have been taking 4000mg of krill a day. I was taking this before the procedure as well. I ran out and ordered some online, which takes about 1 to 1.5 weeks to arrive at my door. So, I went to my local store and bought 500mg caps (all they had) Long story longer I then began taking the 500mg caps of krill instead of the 1000mg caps. I was probably taking btwen 3000mg to 1000mg a day for 6 days as I was still waiting for my 1000mg caps in the mail. I noticed that gradually things got worse...
First thing I noticed was that while driving my right foot was getting tired.
2. My spark of life left. (This was a new thing since my procedure)
3. I was getting very depressed.
4. On the last day the pain in my legs was like a rageing hemorroid. (Like a 7 on the 1-10 scale)

I did know that krill is a blood thinner prior but didn't think that after 6 weeks the decrease in dosage would be sucha big deal. I finally got my 1000mg caps in the mail and took 6000mg yesterday. I did sleep thru the night last night without having to get up to urinaTE. (that should be no.5 getting up at night to go)
Today I feel decent, even somewhat good, no pain, no depression, eyesight is brighter again and it is easier to move.

I was not told to take any blood thinners after my procedure but maintained the krill oil. Tthis leads me to believe that I have restenosed somewhat or maybe something was overlooked. Or could it be I just need thinner blood while my body is healing?

What I do know is that I wont' be without my 4000mg of krill oil a day again even if I have to overnight it!
Anybody else experience this?

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