MSFC and self-testing

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MSFC and self-testing

Postby 1eye » Thu Aug 26, 2010 11:51 am

I did it, you can do it too. The MSFC should be renamed the CCSVIFC. FC for functional composite.

You will need a confederate, a small voice recorder, and either a hundred bucks or so or woodworking skills.

I guess the hard part is the 9 hole peg test. It doesn't measure grip strength (unless you really hold onto those pegs -- don't break 'em now.)

The whole 9 yards is in several places. One is Another is

The walking test: walk however you can for 25 feet. Have confederate time you with second hand or stopwatch.

The 9 hole peg test: to make the pegboard all you need is about six inches of 2 x 4 drilled with 9 holes. They are in three rows of three spaced evenly apart, in a square about 1/2 an inch from the edges of the 2x4. The holes end up about 1.25" apart. The holes are roughly 1 inch deep. I think the drill we used was metric just so a 2 inch dowel made of 1/4" stock would fit into it not too tightly. What would that be, about 7mm? or maybe 5/16" I don't know. My son built this for me.

The object of the game is to take all the pegs out and put them back in.

Put a dish on one side and put the board long side toward you. Put the pegs in the dish, one at a time. No holding onto pegs. Then, after they are all in the dish, put them back, one at a time. All this must be timed (second hand or stopwatch). So don't wait to put them back.

The test is done once with each hand, and once again with each hand with the opposite orientation of board and dish.


All the numbers are in the marking form. Have a confederate read them, one number at a time, first test is at 3 second intervals, second test is at 2 second intervals. Just read the numbers (no funny voices) into the voice recorder. For this we used an electronic metronome with an earphone, but your confederate might just watch a watch.

Then the subject listens to it, and the object of this game is to add, in your head, the last two numbers you heard your confederate say, and say the sum, hopefully before another number comes along. This is not as easy as it sounds. There are practice runs in the document: you might want to record them too. I didn't but just because I had done this test so many times before.

There is no way to practice, except maybe with a particular group of flash cards. The 2-second version is from the place where you go if you're bad.

This one the confederate has to mark while you are doing the adding, using the handy sheets in the document. For marking, don't try to do anything fancy before the next number comes along. Just mark wrong answers and move your marking hand along to the next number *quick*.
If you have CCSVI don't try to mark.

So that's it. All this is from memory: the document is the final arbiter.

I did this before my procedure, next one will be a week on, then a month, then every 3 months.
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Postby PCakes » Thu Aug 26, 2010 1:26 pm

hi 1eye!

Congrats on your procedure.. !!

Lots of work in this post..thanks!

and ..

The 2-second version is from the place where you go if you're bad.

Just read the numbers (no funny voices)

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