What if CCSVI is NOT related to MS?

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What if CCSVI is NOT related to MS?

Postby codefellow » Sat Sep 04, 2010 12:11 pm

I do not know if this is still true, but I have always heard that MS is a diagnosis of exclusion....if you have the symptoms of MS and you do not have toxic poisoning, lyme disease, etc...only then can the diagnosis of MS be made.

So in order to diagnose MS, it is up the MS specialist to prove that the symptoms are NOT being caused by CCSVI or any other venous abnormality. The ONLY way to do that is to refer the patient to an Vein Specialist who will be obligated to prove that you do NOT have CCSVI or any other vein abnormality, and then he MUST treat it if he finds that you do....once he does treat it, if you still have symptoms, well THEN you must have MS as well...

See where I am going with this....?
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Postby garyak » Sat Sep 04, 2010 12:14 pm

Makes sense to me - maybe that will be the norm ( in the next 10 years in Canada :( )
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Postby 1eye » Sat Sep 04, 2010 6:21 pm

Yes, MS is a catch-all for diagnosis of many complaints that can never be tracked down, because, people are told "it's your 'MS'", and the doctors just stop thinking about that problem. If standard DMDs don't fix it, it can't be fixed.

Let's just take heat-sensitivity. Mine (when it's still around, less so lately) is very very specific as to temperature. Even if the air-conditioning is on, if it is set past 73, I choke up, same as if it were a heater set past 73. I got a Fahrenheit controller because Celsius was too inaccurate.

I have never even been asked about this by a doctor. That is because 'MS' doesn't exist. It is just an item on the list for claiming from OHIP. Once you have been diagnosed, it can be claimed for many symptoms. If the patient becomes troublesome, they do not have to be seen again. That is because after they have become progressive, not only is there nothing but clinical trials, but if the patient give any kind of grief, "so sorry, we filled all those trials weeks ago. We would have told you, if we thought you were interested."

There's nothing we can do for those progressives. Sorry. Tough break.

So these patients are in a very convenient, very unique position. Neurologists don't have to do anything they don't feel like. The pseudo-disease will not go anywhere without our permission. We are in control. The Decider is on our side.

And we've got a lobbyist for Pfizer in a very powerful position on our CIHR. They will keep us on the right track. They will let us in on all their new drugs.

MRI is used to diagnose it. There have to be events separated in time and space. That means at least 2 imaging sessions at least one waitlist apart in time. Separation in space means something about lesions, or symptoms, or something. We'll figure it out, or at least the radiologist will. Then we can really turn on the 'MS' machine, and start making some serious cash.
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