Re-stenosed like I suspected, sorting things out

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Re-stenosed like I suspected, sorting things out

Postby Kathyj08 » Thu Sep 16, 2010 5:59 am

I had the procedure in Bulgaria about 10 weeks ago. Hadn't posted much in regards to any changes. I wanted to wait a bit first. I had ballooning in all three veins, no stents. I have many symptoms but most are mild. I actually have not had an ms diagnosis. A few flare ups over many years I was certainly convinced it was ms and when I was found with severe stenosis, that pretty much told me it was ms.
Shortly after the procedure I was noticing slight improvements with my balance, I wasn't cold anymore (like going in restaurants to eat) and I was slowly noticing a little less numbing on different areas of my feet. My improvements were slow and slight but yet I felt this was working. A few weeks later things seemed to go back to pre-procedure. My balance was not very good again but it seemed a little different this time. I also started noticing the pulsatile tinnitis in my left ear again when lying down.
I met With Dr. Mehta on Tuesday. My husband and I were very pleased with him. Very into this CCSVI thing and a very knowledgable vascular Dr.
He would like me to pursue a diagnosis before he does any procedures on me. He wants to know what he is working with first. In case this happens to be something else, then maybe not such a good idea to fool with these veins again. Like I said, he seems very knowledgable and cautious. He said he is sure I can easily get another Dr. to do this again but he advises to go further into the diagnosing process first. (hopefully he will be the one to take me on if needed)
I highly recommend him but I don't know how busy he is going to be now that his study has been approved. He seems very excited about it.
I feel that this works, I saw slight improvements but more needs to be learned. I feel things will work out. Patience, prayer and more research!
also, I wanted to post this on either the Bulgaria thread or Dr. Mehta thread (or both) but not sure how to do that.
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