Canadian MS Society commits $1million for CCSVI trials

A forum to discuss Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis.

Postby sbr487 » Fri Sep 17, 2010 7:59 am

scorpion wrote:Luckily Zamboni's super CCSVI finder will save countless researchers from premature vision loss!

True. Saved vision for some; sleepless nights for others.
But, change is constant, and new & fresh ideas replace stale ones,
especially, if the old ideas were at most forced onto a community or were mere place holders in the history of MS ... :lol:
A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it
- Max Planck
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Postby 1eye » Sat Sep 18, 2010 6:12 pm

More FUD and fluff. What don't you like about Dr. Zamboni's work?
This unit of entertainment not brought to you by FREMULON.
Not a doctor.
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