MS docs attacked for their skepticism!! I LOVE THIS ARTICLE!

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Re: MS docs attacked for their skepticism!! I LOVE THIS ARTI

Postby costumenastional » Mon Sep 27, 2010 11:20 pm

hargarah wrote:This article is the best!!! ... kepticism/

MS Doctors are feeling the heat!!

Dr. Mark Freedman feels like the public is against him...poor baby! And he got a hug from a patient, awww!

This piece of #$% is the worst doctor in the history of medicine. I hope he chokes on this own greed. He is the most satanical piece of garbage that roams the Ottawa Hospital.

He has caused SEVERE DEPRESSION in MANY MS patients because of his egotistical views and Nazi-like bed manner.

Do not think for one second that his feelings are hurt...he is a c#$ksucking m%#$%#$ker that should never practice medicine.

This is not slanderous, this is a WARNING for anybody who may see him in the future. DO NOT GO!! He will $%^* with your emotions and kill your soul.

Here is a hug from me you m$%^$#rf%cker!!!!!

Welcome friend. Nice to meet you. I mean it.
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