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dear karin

Postby shoshi55 » Sat Oct 09, 2010 11:13 pm

about ccvsi in israel
i've talk to mariana who made the ccvsi in chile and return to israel with a lot of insights and in a wonderful attitude
i'm going next thursday 14.10.10 (the date of the birthday of my twins) to an israeli dr, who received the adequated machine to make the test
and if he founds the good reasons i will too have my ccvsi at last in israel
i will let you know the outcomes as it arrives
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Postby 1eye » Sun Oct 10, 2010 8:14 am

Don't forget, I think Dr. Zamboni recommends a high-frequency (I think 5 MHz) probe for deep cerebrals. My friend the spider vein doc got one (had his tech teach him how to run the machine, practiced on himself). I think we only looked at the IJVs anyway because we were both so stupefied to see the stenosis on the screen (actually we were astounded at what the blood flow did and didn't do).

Maybe the use of the 5MHz probe was incorrect, or maybe showed it in a wrong, or more correct way. I don't know and don't even know if he knows.

I never did get a proper DUS (unless it happened while I was snoring in Albany) until after the catheter procedure. If I had it to do today I would not care if I even had a Doppler ultrasound. Certainly I think this ingenious work by Dr. Zamboni has been inflated, conflated, probated, desecrated and annihilated by those who wish to use it as a way to disprove even the existence of CCSVI.

The x-ray venogram is the gold standard.
The x-ray venogram is the gold standard.
The x-ray venogram is the gold standard.

I hope I've said that enough times. If you have 'MS' you need x-ray venoplasty. No doubt about it. Insist.

But don't forget how useful DUS is for follow-up, *after* the Liberation. And don't forget the controversy over the use of stents, clotting, blood thinners, etc. Thinners are less necessary if you do not stent.
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