This is kind of a weird question.

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This is kind of a weird question.

Postby Tyr616 » Mon Oct 18, 2010 7:29 pm

From what i read, CCSVI seems to be a problem that occurs when the veins are blocked or kinked up a bit. Causing blood to stagnate in the brain and cause iron damage. The thing i was wondering is, is it possible that exercising in ways that force blood into the veins can cause them to expand and normalize?

The reason i was wondering this is, i read a story about a man who had MS and basically got it under control with yoga. He did a lot of extreme inverted poses which, i am assuming really put a lot of blood flow in and out of the brain, and MAYBE helped expand and normalize the veins?

Just a weird thought I had in something that might help. Does anyone else have thoughts on this?
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