Study- Heparin treatment of MS exacerbations

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Study- Heparin treatment of MS exacerbations

Postby North52 » Mon Nov 01, 2010 8:35 pm

Dear Tims,

I found an old study that looked at treating MS exacerbations with heparin. Although there was no control group in the study the findings are quite impressive. There were consistent improvements in cognition, motor/sensory symptoms and other symptoms such as double vision and ataxia. It makes me wonder if some of the improvements that we are seeing post angioplasty are from the heparin or Pradaxa (also a blood thinner, used in Bulgaria) that is sometimes given.
The study was performed by a well known neurologist/neuropathologist in the 1950's.

Follow the link:

Please make sure to scroll to page 2 as the first page is blank. Go to table 1. This is where the improvements are detailed.

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Postby blossom » Mon Nov 01, 2010 11:25 pm

hugh's syndrome "sticky" blood which mimics ms and is not tested for much and try to get that one across to most neuro.'s. anyway it is treated with blood thinners and some respond to asparin. so, i do feel in some cases the blood thinners probably are part of the reason some have impovements for a while.

i really feel before getting treated everyone should be tested for hugh's syndrome. i wouldn't think haveing sticky blood and messing with the blood vessels would be good especially if they're not aware. as time is showing clots have become a scarey part of all this. all these blood disorders should be required to be tested for before and known to the treating dr.'s

but, look at me with hindsight. i told the treating dr. i had mthfr (a genetic thing that makes me susceptile to heart attack, stoke and "clots" and it seemed insignificent to them. they did put me on plavix for 3 mo. so, i hold my breath and hope no clots. noone forced me i was a consenting adult. thinking don't get stents should be no problem. but this is all so new there will be all kinds of roadbumps and successes before it's figured out.

so, yes i do feel the blood thinners are for some helping symptoms as well hopefully keeping clots at bay.
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