Class action - law criminal prosecution of Polish chief doc

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Class action - law criminal prosecution of Polish chief doc

Postby marcinl0 » Thu Nov 04, 2010 1:08 pm

Class action

Being in private contact with someone who considered the issue of claim
collective against the President of the Chamber, and against chief doc Hamankiewicz.
Chief of neurologist professor Ryglewicz at the request of Mr. relied Hamankiewicz appearing for Ministry Ms. Ewa Kopacz, under the pretext of preventing detailed studies of treatments to remove the cause of multiple sclerosis.
It is known that this is a proposal to disallow any treatments done to further pharmacy milk sickness and did not remove the causes of the disease. Los patients
is that subjects were indifferent. The motivation why they want so
"Thoroughly investigate" is in my speeches and Dr. Hubbard!
It was too late. Yesterday I talked with a lawyer, Mr Hamankiewicza, today
secretary Ryglewicz prof. They insist on their own and do not change
position. We can not give up and give our incapacitate
body to extort money from the National Health Fund and become crippled in the name of
interests of the pharmaceutical and neurologists. That is one thing. Class action cases
and their families against these and other individuals. Further details soon
and in private correspondence. Imagine how someone after release
blood from the veins and the brain is improved, you may get a re-stenosis, and
They achieve their goal. Then the patient will have to go for
limit on the amendment.
Richard Wiercinski ... c0b4eca570

Beloved, I am sending you this to read ... iane/31615

As the title indicates, it must be a "class action". That's enough
"Promises" beautiful, wonderful words of injections for
hard money, now sliced so we can not count either the
politicians, nor the editors, because I'll wake up with a hand in the toilet with weeks with water. We need to take matters into their own hands. Let
the court decides. Will provide enough evidence (live too).
It will be a precedent in the world, that cured the sick and
multiple sclerosis complain of the surgeon general and chief neurologist!
p.s. Now a lot of messages and instructions must be exchanged in private
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