These guys are honest...they want the cash

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These guys are honest...they want the cash

Postby burg » Thu Nov 11, 2010 3:15 pm

Check these guys in the states.

"A Statement from the Owners
CCSVI Clinic is owned and managed by healthcare professionals who are committed to providing specific services that meet the current needs of the MS population during this time of uncertainty and new hope. Some of the physicians involved with CCSVI Clinic do not agree with the science behind the Zamboni therapy as there is no evidence from clinical trials that supports the hypothesis. However, there is wide recognition from all of our stakeholders that many MS patients will seek the “liberation” treatment regardless of how they are counseled by their physicians. With this fact in mind, it is our priority to make sure that all persons seeking treatment will have access to the highest possible quality of safe care in any interaction with a medical service. Our group has sought out the best options for clients by affiliating with exceptional clinical and medical professionals and institutions and making those connections in favor of the client. Most of these physicians and clinicians have been known to our group for many years."[quote][/quote]

They do ultrasound in West Fargo, ND, and send you to India... They say it's better than MRV and as good as venogram..Hope not too many people fall for it.
Basically, they don't believe in CCSVI, but are doing it; I guess, for the cash!!
They even say "Most of these physicians". I feel bad for the people that get the doctors these guys don't know.[/url]
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Postby dunkempt » Thu Nov 11, 2010 3:27 pm

Thanks for bothering to read this page carefully.

I might also say that they seem to be reluctant to give a diagnosis.

I have spoke two people who have been told in Fargo that their results were borderline CCSVI - although the details in the reports showed that they met 2/5 Zamboni criteria. Since meeting 2/5 is all you need, they might have been near the border, but certainly over on the CCSVI side.

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Postby burg » Thu Nov 11, 2010 3:38 pm

On CCSVI Locator it said;

"Randy Spielvogel of Mobile Life said the clinic is booked solid, almost completely with Manitobans. It offers only screening for MS therapy to determine a patient's suitability, and not the therapy
"There's obviously a demand for this CCSVI screening, and we're just filling that void," he said.
Some patients, however, have been met with a bill that's twice as large as they expected.
Spielvogel said that because he underestimated the amount of time the screening procedures take, he's had to raise costs to $800 from $400.
He said he didn't realize how time-consuming the tests would be when he first announced what they would cost months before the clinic opened.
"That we didn't realize … and that was our fault," Spielvogel said. "We shouldn't have opened our mouths, put the cart before the horse."

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