plethysmography neck collars (Zamboni)

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Re: plethysmography neck collars (Zamboni)

Postby MrSuccess » Tue Feb 11, 2014 6:02 pm

Cece , MRI's have a sensitivity and specificity rate of about 98%.

A lot can be missed in that 2%.

I think 70% is a pretty good s & s , for any new tool of detection.

I am confident it will improve as they advance it's use. How can it not
considering the names on that Presentation !

How nice to see Fabrizio Salvi named on this document. I believe he was
the Neurologist involved with Dr.Zamboni's historic original 65 pwMS investigation
of CCSVI. Where would we all be without Fabrizio Salvi's support ? :?:

Well done gentlemen.

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Re: plethysmography neck collars (Zamboni)

Postby Cece » Tue Oct 28, 2014 6:29 pm

I heard that a rocket exploded & had to check to make sure Dr. Zamboni's experiments weren't on it. (They weren't.)
Anyway, I came across the photo of the plethysmography neck collar that will be used in space. Pretty simple design!

Two completely new developments in diagnostics are proposed with Brain Drain (whose project manager is Angelo Taibi, of the Physics and Earth Science Department of University of Ferrara): the plethysmograph (plethysmographic collar), a totally non-invasive and non-operator-dependent device, and the development of a jugular path synchronized with the electrocardiogram, "to derive in a non-invasive way the jugular vein pulsation and to characterize the cardiac impact."

I haven't heard much talk about that latter diagnostic. A jugular path synchronized with the electrocardiogram? ... /1278.html
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