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Postby Liberation » Sat Jan 08, 2011 5:47 am

Dear Dr. Sclafani,

I was diagnosed PPMS in 2008 and I just had the CCSVI procedure done 4 weeks ago. The phlebographia indicated my right internal jugular stenosed and it was dilated by balloon. No stent was used. The pfofessor told me that after the second dilatition the vein will more likely remain open. In the week after the operation I felt more energetic when I was walking and my memor seemed a little bit better; however, I experienced no significant cganges in the motion and sensory areas. In the last two weeks I felt that my condition deteriorated noticably just as did sometimes before the treatment. Could it be that the IJV got restenosed or maybe some other vein, like the vertebral, thoracic, lumbar or somethingelse that has not been checked and treated is the culprit? A few days after the procedure came to my mind that after the operation I was accidently left in the bed my upper body elevated for more than half an hour and was put in horizontal just afterwards. As far as I know, the jugulars drain the blood when the body in a lying position. Is that true? Could this cause a restenosis? The locations of the laesios detected by MRI in the thoracic and cervical spine and the brain and the type of the MS can be indicative of the location of the stenosis?

I also read that iron build-up could be a result of this stenosis that in turn contributes to the MS symptoms. If that might be true, is there any way to get rid of excess iron in our body or to mitigate its effect on the brain?

Thank you for your anwsers in advance.

I wish you a lot of success and health in the new year!
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Postby Nasti » Sun Jan 09, 2011 4:55 am

Dear Liberation,
everything that you suspect of might be the reason for your decline.
Also, you must accept that this procedure is not fully explored so far, as well as its effects on MS. They are two different conditions.
I remember just before the procedure, lying in the hospital bed and reading here on the forum posts of people who were disappointed, and I thought "This cannot be, this procedure must be the whole answer...". Find the thread of the letter of Dr. Simka, i think it explains everything. MS is caused by more factors. The procedure had its placebo effect on me for 5 mos, the last two I have been on and off with relapses. As soon as you realize this, you won't torture yourself with searching for answers. They are not available yet.
All the best,
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