"the price of a good used car"

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"the price of a good used car"

Postby Cece » Fri Jan 21, 2011 2:21 pm

"The one thing I noticed was a big difference was my legs," he said. "My legs were weak and very sore and uncoordinated and after I got back — it took time — but within three to six months my legs felt 25 years old again. I can play hockey and soccer again."

His chronic fatigue is also gone, Oshust said, as well as chronic headaches he used to have consistently.

"With airfare, it amounted to about $11,000, which I tell people is the price of a good used car," Oshust said. "And I'm worth that."

http://www.cpheraldleader.com/ArticleDi ... ?e=2924740

I feel uncomfortable posting stories that are really good, I want to put a YMMV sticker on them because not everyone gets results. But many people do and that's the reason to try. This is another good one.
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