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Postby bigfoot14 » Fri Feb 04, 2011 4:13 pm

Cece wrote:
bigfoot14 wrote:Cece

You have just described the protocol that the Dr is going to use on my wife (he is very conservative in his treatment):

Start Plavix 5 days before
Use IVUS to measure vein in front & in back of stenosis, then balloon to match the existing size of vein, he does not stretch the vein to a larger diameter

blood thinners & Plavix after, then baby asprin

My wife has upped her fish oil & vit D intake as well, in preperation for her procedure (Feb 23) .....

When I was considering him, that was the first I'd heard of the Plavix five days before plan. I like that approach too.

Dr. Sclafani (my doctor :D) is more aggressive, he stretches the vein to a larger diameter, and he's less concerned about intimal hyperplasia or else more concerned about the cumulative effect of all the blood thinners, so does not do a Plavix or aspirin course. But he was ok with me continuing with my cod liver oil supplement throughout the experience.

I also have fish thawing in the fridge right now, to be Cajuned up and enjoyed tonight. ;)

Best wishes to your wife, bigfoot14! I remember you were waiting for your doctor to get more procedures under his belt, that was smart of you both, how exciting that the time has finally come.

I have pizza dough rising in the kitchen (my wife quit cooking 15 years ago)....

when we first saw our Dr back in Oct, we could have had the procedure
the next week...by the time we were ready, he was booked four weeks out....and he's still not in the "open"

Best wishes to you as well....is it 8 days now?
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Postby Cece » Fri Feb 04, 2011 4:35 pm

This thread is getting tastier....
bigfoot14 wrote:Best wishes to you as well....is it 8 days now?

Yes, at last count, which was about a minute ago. :D
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