Internal Jugular valve hypothesis/query

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Internal Jugular valve hypothesis/query

Postby Irakaplan » Wed Feb 16, 2011 1:16 am

IJ valve question: There are theories out there about a dysfunctional IJ valve contributing to this cerebral venous (albeit maybe not very scientific) question is:

Are they postulating that the valve is open all the time, leading to reflux from the heart back to the brain during times where the IJ veins are most often open (sleep/supine) or when central (body) pressures are elevated like when you cough, etc? Or is it that the valve is largely closed off, a blockage in this area leading to reflux into brain? Or is it a bit of both??

In the first scenario, I'm not sure how a valve resection with cutting balloons would help, though a regular balloon angioplasty may somewhat relieve pressures (?) though I'm not sure about that either.

In the second maybe a resection would help, with a balloon angioplasty.

If it were a mixed bag, I'm not sure which way would be best...then again I'm not a specialist, but it would be nice to have a specialist's opinion...any takers? :)

I think any sort of valve resecting procedure should potentially address potential future complications, upstream and downstream from the valve. I also think this is an important issue, open vs. closed, rather than saying 'dysfunctional'. Maybe it's both? I'm no expert, just curious about all of this, and a stickler for details;)

I guess my bottom line is this: the valve is there for a reason. If it were just venous stenosis that was the issue, and there was no valve, I would agree to balloon away, and that would solve everything, likely free of consequence....there is a valve there though, and it's there for a reason. Removing it may solve major issues, though I have a hard time believing a valve-less person runs less risks of other potential complications down the line than a person with an intact interal jugular vein valve.

Maybe just waiting for an internal jugular replacement, valve and all: ... helf-veins
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