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Postby cheerleader » Mon Apr 04, 2011 7:41 am

my husband had stagnent flow in his smaller lijv. The vein never closed, no thrombosis or stenosis, it just didn't have as strong flow as the right side and collapsed when supine. It was determined that he had dural venous stenosis, right up above the left jugular, which was impeding flow down that side. It's taken three procedures to address his malformation.

I would suggest staying hydrated, as hypovolemia (or low blood volume due to slight dehydration and lack of movement) can be a problem for many with MS. Blood thinners and fibrin reducing supplements can also help. The Endothelial Health program, based on Dr. John Cooke's The Cardiovascular Cure, can help, as well. ... ial-health

My husband finally has good flow on both sides. He has lost weight, is very physically active, on the Swank Diet and hydrates well. We hope these measures keep both sides open and flowing....and hope this helps you---
Husband dx RRMS 3/07
dx dual jugular vein stenosis (CCSVI) 4/09
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Postby munchkin » Mon Apr 04, 2011 7:57 am

Thank you Cheerleader

I had read one of your posts prior to having the U/S and ordered Dr.Cooke's book, I am just waiting for it to be delivered. The last couple of months have been one eye opener after another about diet and how it can impact veins.

Staying hydrated has been fairly easy, I think for years I was dehydrated which maybe aggravated my situation. Once you feel hydrated you realize how different you feel.

I will look into fibrin supplements as I just learned about these in the last couple of weeks.

Again, thanks for your input and information. It makes this journey more manageable.
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Postby Cece » Mon Apr 04, 2011 8:38 am

drsclafani wrote:for the record, i do not think that the muscle is really the problem. I think i will get clearer when i repeat the venogram. I reviewed the muscle thing with several docs, including paolo and we do not think it is the major factor.

This is encouraging.
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Postby munchkin » Thu Apr 07, 2011 8:17 am

My IR has just gotten back to me and he says to stay the course, he doesn't believe it is thrombus (sp?) The plan is to continue with the aspirin, but I am also going to see a Naturopath to help me sort out the vitamin/enzyme regime I should be following.

As I read about the side effects of some of the supplements I don't feel comfortable just adding them to my diet and I'm not sure my GP really understands how these interact.

I will see my IR at the end of May and we will determine what to do or not do next. Thank you all for your help and information, it did help calm the panic I was feeling.
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