BNAC angioplasty trial corroborates Dr. Zamboni

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Postby Cece » Fri Apr 08, 2011 9:16 am

1eye, it was not entirely within the jugular, was it? Isn't one end inserted wherever the CSF is accumulated and the other end inserted though a puncture into the jugular? There are teflon grafts possible if our veins needs replacing. All of this is more invasive than the ballooning that is done in venoplasty. Kind of a miracle that so much can be done with a catheter and a balloon and a good IR.

I agree with bretzke, if CCSVI treatment succeeds and keeps us healthier longer, the savings to the insurance companies is enormous. The biggest savings would be in the newly diagnosed, if prevention of progression is possible, what a fortune both in savings and in lives.
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Postby Rainbolt » Fri Apr 08, 2011 9:23 am

MrSuccess wrote:Somehow , someway ..... the cost of the procedure needs to drop to about $ 5000 ....... and the success rate needs to climb to about 75-80 %.

In Canada it costs 1500, the explosive costs elsewhere is a problem adn then of course the fact that CCSVI isn't recognized in Canada so that we can have this treatment here is a huge problem.

As for stenting and causing apprehension, Many people have been treated with stenting for ages before this. Now using them to treat it quite honestly shouldn't cause so many issues especially with those patients told they should try chemotherapy to treat their M.S.. Or those who are end stage. JMHO
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Postby MrSuccess » Fri Apr 08, 2011 10:10 am

Rain - I just used 5 thousand as an example . That is still above and beyond what many can afford ...... I have read other estimated costs that are being currently paid . Far more than $ 7500.

As Cece noted ..... the Insurance Industry stands to save a lot of money on drug expenditures .... when CCSVI treatment becomes the norm.

They fear - with good cause - the cost of any stent failure to them. And right now ..... they have no guarantee that any treating facility will not be tempted to place stents .

A nice problem to have : We now have so many CCSVI investigators with the ability and interest in CCSVI treatment ..... it is now hard to keep track of them all.

In all the CCSVI information coming forth ..... this one caught my eye....

As we now know ..... Dr. Scalfani is finding the internal makeup of the suspected CCSVI veins .... to have a cornucopia of possible problems.... that he reveals with his IVUS technique. But that's not the one that caught my eye ...... it is the post about a CCSVI treatment that involves using a - for want of a better word - freezing of the valves , webs , and who knows what else ..... to the inner wall of the veins. Thus .... keeping the blood flow path open ......

This warrants a long hard look ...... as it might solve the stent dilemma.

Anybody know more about this ?

When the CCSVI medical practitioners start to consistently get [ and report ] a better than 50/50 success to restenosis rate ..... I would consider 75/25 to be a great achievement - and can produce these results at a cost under $ 5000 ....... we have arrived.

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