I want to hear Ignatieff say it !

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I don't think you want to hear anybody say IT

Postby 1eye » Fri Apr 15, 2011 7:13 am

Oh, well, I thought maybe you folks were really interested, but it seems you might be more interested in appearing interested, without committing yourselves. I'm afraid Mr. Ignatieff wants to win the election and wants to spend every spare media second appealing to as broad a base as possible. I have attended and watched multilingual debates, written to politicians, held telephone conversations, written to strangers, family, and friends, appealed directly to politicians of more than one party, and signed petitions, the latest one about the misdirection of funds to pay for the G8 conference in a Conservative riding.

I don't know how you are going to vote, but I am convinced the only remote prayer people with CCSVI have of seeing a strong federal government which will insist on cross-Canada trials and provincial funding of fluoroscopic venoplasty is to vote in a majority of Liberal candidates. Kirsty Duncan is only one member but she is a very powerful one, has the ear of the leader, has convinced him to speak publicly on the topic (yes it was before the election call, and before the Zivadinov tempest if any of that matters), and still works on it 4 hours very day, If you want to vote for another party, as they say, fill yer boots.
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