Can I get some Layman comments on my MRV Photos Inside ?

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Can I get some Layman comments on my MRV Photos Inside ?

Postby LymeNurse » Sat Apr 16, 2011 10:16 am

Hey everyone.. I don't have MS, but Chronic Neuro Lyme disease or so I've been treating for over 2 years. My symptoms are all in the head. Off balance like I'm on a boat without vertigo, head pain, head pressure, brain fog, word retrieval problems, Postural Tachycardia, Plugged in sensation like an anxiety x 1000 and nothing helps it but low dose Narcotics, shortness of breath both with and without exertion.

I'm also cold all of the time, especially in the legs, lots of fatigue, poor stamina. Amazingly my overall strength has not been affected.

The more I treated with IV Antibiotics, the worse I got. I had an MRA, which looks at the Arterial vessels in the head and neck, but never had an MRV until the other day.

Problem is, my Azygos vein could not be seen as I was their first patient, so I only have the Jugulars for you.

My own opinion is that I have sever Stenosis in both. I used a measuring tool and only have 0.1cm on the Right EJ and 0.2cm on the Left EJ. My Left IJ doesn't look too good to me either when compared to the Right.

I'm scheduled for 5/11 to have this all fixed, but there is no Radiologist report, my Dr. has not seen these images, so I'm on the edge of my seat looking for opinions from others. Please keep in mind on the Photos Left=Right and Right=Left. Appreciate any/all feedback.

Gary ... 841aad70d8

Left Jugular Normal View ... 1800dd3600

Left Jugular x 6.8 Zoom Measured ... 5e3e94ab74[/img]

Right Jugular Normal View ... 21467510a5

Right Jugular x 6.8 Zoom Measured ... 1a487e7d36
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Postby Cece » Sat Apr 16, 2011 10:32 am

In CCSVI the external jugulars are not treated, only the internal jugulars and the azygos. The left IJ is commonly smaller than the right (because of the heart).

I cannot tell much from your MRVs but perhaps your IR will be able to interpret them. Doppler ultrasound is best for finding flow issues, hopefully you will be getting that too. Which doctor will you be seeing? Will you keep us posted? We have not heard of many patients with diseases other than MS seeking CCSVI treatment (although there have been some, including migraine patients and Parkinsons) so you are in the frontier here.

Lyme disease can mess up the endothelium, I am not exactly sure how.
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Postby DrCumming » Sat Apr 16, 2011 10:53 am

Gary, the images you posted do not show the veins well and do not seem like diagnostic quality MRV. MRV is very difficult to do correctly and unless it was done in a center with expertise in CCSVI, I don't think it will help you much. Same with US, you need a center with a strong interest and commitment to learning, performing and validating their results.
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