Liberation Day, Italy

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Liberation Day, Italy

Postby Cece » Wed Apr 20, 2011 10:58 am

'Liberation' Holidays
Liberation Day, April 25, is a national holiday in Italy marked by ceremonies, historic re-enactments, and celebrations. Many towns hold fairs, concerts, food festivals, or special events. Bells ring commemorating the original day of liberation for Italy. It's very moving to hear them.

Liberation Day in Italy is April 25th.
Dr. Zamboni's birthday was in March.
May 5th is CCSVI Day.
4th of July is Independence Day.
We each have our own personal liberation days (mine was Feb 12th).
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Postby Mathd » Thu Apr 21, 2011 6:18 am

Mine will be april 29, with dr Sclafani!!
can't wait!!!
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Postby Cece » Thu Apr 21, 2011 6:22 am

best wishes MathD, let us know how you do (and how he does)!! :)
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