Severe headaches after CCSVI and occluded stent

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Postby jimmylegs » Mon May 02, 2011 11:04 am

okay well i looked that brand up to find out the form, and you'll have to confirm but from what i can tell the label says it's magnesium oxide.

sooo, that is the least absorbable form. but i would not recommend taking 2 or 3 per day because you'll be stuck in the bathroom all day.

however, it does do the trick. you just have to pay with the runs.

magnesium citrate is a little better.

magnesium glycinate does not give the runs, but i have found it critical to take the pill before a solid meal because otherwise it relaxes my lower oesophageal sphincter resulting in an unpleasant cough (my version of heartburn apparently)

personally i make a determined effort to eat healthy magnesium-rich foods as often as possible.

hope that helps!
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Postby 1eye » Mon May 02, 2011 11:11 am

I know it sounds crazy to pipe in with all these voices trying to help. Nobody wants to sit by while a friend suffers. Just a couple of probably useless contributions:

1. Beware of caffeine. Please do not be offended -- I would have bitten the head off of anybody who tried to talk to me about it; I am not trying to say your headaches are not as bad: they are *all* bad. The worst headaches I have ever had came from withdrawal from caffeine. The caffeine came from caffeine-laced codeine-type painkillers.

2. Codeine can cause bad digestive trouble, which can bring on even more headache. I probably want the pain relief more than the next guy but now I hardly ever use opiates.

The really good news is that magnesium is a laxative. I am serious and hope you get better without my two farthing worth.

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