The Scientific Method

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The Scientific Method

Postby komodo » Mon May 09, 2011 7:58 pm

Within the construction of microscope there is something called "a stage." This construction is where one *sees* what is the subject of the investigation. It is the place where the observable is recorded.

In science, what is observable and verified is *the big deal*. This is why*God* or whatever, cannot exist in this realm...

My husband, diagnosed with SPMS, is the subject I observe on our stage, our living room and on a daily basis. This living room, this "stage" is my observation point with the hypothesis that CCSVI is the cause of MS ....

The observation of the variables:

During 5 months of Copaxon: lethargy and no motivation. No improvements in any area.
During 5 months of Avonex: dramatic results - no energy, suicidal tendencies, no motivation for anything, and beginning atrophy of the movement for a long, long time.
Venoplasty- one procedure: observable results - new energy, mental focus, motivation, limber limbs, *hope and excitement*, created a new set of observable activities to observe within the living room of our home...

The whole deal with science is that it is based on what is observable. It is called empirical proof. This is why God can't make it into this do you see and measure the existence of..... The miraculous however is almost alway evident and almost always disproved by those who can't go there. "God works in mysterious ways" and doesn't pay those who confuse the discussion with pay offs or diversion incentives and to those who purposefully confuse with kiss.

LOOK at what is working. Observe what is working. See what is going on....and remember your data...that which is observable .

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