post-stroke fatigue

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post-stroke fatigue

Postby Cece » Sun May 22, 2011 7:32 pm

Post-stroke fatigue: an important yet
neglected symptom

SIR—Evidence is emerging that fatigue after stroke is a
common and distressing symptom to patients [1, 2], and
that it is not just a symptom of depression. In our experience,
stroke patients frequently complain about fatigue, and
therapists often report that sessions of therapy are limited
by fatigue. If the latter is really the case, this might have
important implications for rehabilitation and recovery from
stroke. ... 2.full.pdf

They go on to talk about a small pilot study on post-stroke fatigue. I saw some corollaries to MS fatigue.

This wouldn't explain all of MS fatigue, since that can be a result of inflammation in the brain, hypoxia, physical fatigue, reduced conductivity over damaged neurons, and depression, either organic or otherwise. ("Organic" depression, sounds like a health food!)

It's been said that having CCSVI in MS is like having chronic lowgrade ischemia strokes.
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Postby munchkin » Mon May 23, 2011 5:57 am

I agree with that comparison and just wish some of the Medical community would think just a little outside of the box. When I have had relapses the Dr's always check for a stroke because the symptoms are so similar.

There was a study released in 2003 (I believe that was when and I can't quote it) that was done with aspirin and MS patients that found it reduced fatigue. Makes you wonder why it wasn't promoted or even researched in more depth.
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